Irreverent News Round-up, Podcast Style

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I am trying something new today. I am going to podcast my take on some of the news stories making the rounds today. Don’t expect Evening news kind of crap, I say what I think. Today the events include O.J. actually doing something wrong, A corrupt polititian that has trouble with his own suicide, a hacker that not only gets into U.S. military computers but reminds me of someone else as well, Islamic leaders and their love of the bombers, how much NASA really does suck, the death of a “SPAM KING”, 62 year old grannies and the bombing trouble that they cause, why vomiting as a weapon does not work, and maggots chowing down on your neighbors. Just click here or on the graphic below for all the goodies.

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  1. Listened to this podcast yesterday and forgot to tell you how much I enjoyed it.

    It was quite entertaining and your take on the various news stories was fascinating.

    I think you may have some “reporter” in you….

  2. Not a reporter, I am just a ham. I am in my element when I am telling people what to think.

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