Some News On The Future And Our Weekend

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Several things have been changing for me recently, all for the good so it would seem. One of the things is this here blog. I will let everyone know in the next couple of days what the future holds for this blog. Big changes are on the way, I may not even be around here anymore. Stay tuned for more info.

I intended to put up a vlog post about this weekend. I took some video with my phone and emailed it back to my computer. Guess what. The video cost me a small fortune to send and it still has not arrived in my mailbox! I am so pissed. I am getting the data cable soon, but that is not helping me now. I may contact Orange about this. I have emailed video from my phone before so I know that it works. Arghrghrghrgh!

Well, Saturday went well and the first day of the festival went pretty good. The races all went off with no hitches and there were a bunch of French merchants with various wares and foods for sale. The concerts left a lot to be desired and were short. Last year there was music all day and the bands were good. The bad of course was the weather yesterday meant the days events were cancelled and this year there was also one less class of boat racing. Everything in Littlehampton is scaling down. This is a town in the throes of a downward skid.

We recently had a 10 day arts festival centered in downtown. It was so big that someone working downtown did not even know that a festival was taking place. The Littlehampton Carnival was also half the size of last year. The parade passed in 10 minutes, or so it seemed, and that was with several stops to show off the severely lacking dance skills of the two or three so called dance troops that were participating.

It takes a really bad group of officials and governors to have a town on the coast, with an entertainment complex consisting of kiosks, restaurants, an amusement park, and a marina and let it fall so far. We are bookended by Worthing and Bogner Regis, two towns that completely put Littlehampton to shame. So much potential wasted. To think that this was once a top vacation resort destination. It boggles the mind.

Oh well.

Remember to stay tuned for info on the future of this blog.

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