The Mighty Boosh Episode 2 Season 2 is Up

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Well, last night the Mighty Boosh made it’s way back to TV with the premier of episode 1 of season two. It was great to see it back on, the only thing was is that I got to see it a week ago. I love the way that the Beebs is showing ther episodes one week early on the web for those with broadband access. The BBC is also planning two more shows to be done in this fashion.

As much as the BBC upsets me with it’s news coverage and general attitude, I do believe that the BBC online is one of the best and most tech savvy sites around. Check it out.

This morning the Beebs have uploaded episode 2 and it is great! I absolutely love this show.

It is a Boosh kind of day, here anyway. I do apologize for getting the U.S. readers of this site excited as the Beebs blocks foreign veiwers. Oops, my bad.

I have to go watch it again!

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