Welcome to my new web home!

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Take a look around, check out the diferent themes for viewing. I should have everything completely up and running by Tuesday or so. Enjoy!

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4 Responses

  1. Hey Eban,

    Congrats on the new home :)!

    Looking forward to lots of cool stuff in the coming weeks.

  2. Am liking your new site so far!!! Keep up the fantastic work! Love how you can change the look of your site with the click of a button….that is so cool. When I saw how much you got accomplished on your new site in just 8 hours yesterday, I was blown away. Good work!

    Yesterday I liked Neat the best, but today….hmmm…I think it’s a Glad-I-ate-er type of day….

    See ya!

  3. Thanks Graham, Hopefully I will not dissapoint.

  4. I am happy you were away, I would not have been good company while designing the site. That was an intense 8 hours. A couple of walls were in severe danger of being punched. It all worked out. By Tuesday things should all be working.

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