What a Morning!

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I am hungover, real bad like. I polished off a bottle of rum last night. I did not mean for that to happen as it all started as a celebration of starting the new site here. Faith and I ordered a movie from Sky, did all of our grocery shopping, got home and ordered kabobs, and had some drinks.

Somewhere along the line she got tired but I was still wide awake, so I stayed up. I was at the point where the drink was feeling good and my judgement was just impaired enough to not want to stop. Oh my! I am paying for it today.

I also played my favorite drinking game while I was up last night. That would be getting shitfaced and emailing people. If any of you are reading this, I am sorry if I was incoherant to you last night. Luckily I was at least nice. I read my sent mail this morning and I was evidently in a pep talk kind of mood last night.

Luckily for me I did not partake in my second favorite drunk pastime, drunk online shopping. I will never forget the time that I got a package containing an Apple IIe and an Atari 2600 that I had evidently won on ebay. I guess that I was just all caught up in old things that night.

I did get something good this morning, or so I thought. I woke up to a package in the mail. Something had arrived that I had just ordered yesterday. That is quick! It was the cable and software suite to hook my phone up to the computer. Unfortunately my joy soon turned sour. They sent me the wrong software. This could only happen on a morning like this. Hungover and disapointed.

At least this site is coming along fine, Or so I thought . This morning my database was all wonky or something and I could not access it. At least that problem somehow worked itself out. Being hungover I just do not have the fortitude to deal with wonky databases this morning.

Faith and I are heading out to Worthing in a few minutes. She needs some new shoes and there is nothing here in Littlehampton. So with that I will sign out, maybe I will do something later. Too bad Faith did not get as tipsy as me last night and stay up. We could have done a hilarious podcast. I will still try to get Faith in on a podcast this weekend, drunk or not. Just for the record, that is two drinking episodes in two weeks, I am almost edgy again!

Be seeing you!

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  1. Hahaha…you got drunk last night. It’s okay though, it’s been awhile (lol).

    Anyway, am happy to hear you didn’t spend all our money last night drunk shopping…that would have been very bad. But, it’s all good…now that your hangover is just about over…we can go get me some shoes this afternoon.

    BTW, sorry about the phone cable…some people can be such silly willies.

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