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On Jamiroquai Moves Plus Instant Pain and Suffering

There are many reasons why I should not have done what I just did. A few are, in no particular order. . .

a) I have been a powerlifter most of my life. I am very strong but not terribly graceful. I am actually about as graceful as a rhinoceros falling off of a cliff.

b) Being into powerlifting and bodybuilding most of my life means that I am sort of a big guy. (see the small pic under my bio)

c) I have a back that is wrecked with several injuries. These have occurred over the years through lifting, sport, and a certain job that I held for a while. I am also getting on in age at 36.

So, what is it that I did that I should not have done?

I busted a move!

I am doing research right now for a book that I am working on. Sitting here at the computer can get a bit tedious and sometimes effects the part of my brain that controls rational thought. As this part of my brain was already compromised I should have known better than to put on the web radio station that mixes smooth jazz with trance beats.

A pretty cool song came on and I just started feeling it. Being led by the irrational portion of my brain, I recalled seeing Jamiroquai perform on Jonathan Ross’ show recently. I remembered those smooth moves that Jay Kay always works into his performance.
Jay Kay

So out of nowhere I get my oafish, powerlifting, never dance butt up out of my chair and try to emulate Jay Kay. Oh My!

With any luck this damn spasm will subside shortly and I can go back to researching my book.

I have changed the station just in case! Oy, the pain!

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  1. I remember reading about this a while back!! I was making fun and laughing… again. sorry, its the visual image. 🙂 There is a reality show here “so you think you can dance?” its like the dancing version of American Idol. Remember when we didn’t have cable in Texas for like years?? Just some rabbit ears to watch a few shows. If we wouldn’t want fast internet, I would so cancel cable. cable? what am I talking about?? dance dance dance… !!!! 🙂 its early.

  2. Dance away, just dance away. lol That reality show sounds crazy. I bet there are some big time losers on that, just like American Idol.

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