Had a Great Sunday

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Faith and I were both upset Saturday night. There were busloads and carloads of people that came into Littlehampton on Saturday. It was some kind of group celebration. The entire beachfront and town was packed solid.

We have had groups this size come in before with no problem. This group however took to destroying the seafront. The entire area was trashed! You could not see green grass for all of the damned litter. It took a crew of 12 guys with four trucks and a car to clean it all up on Sunday morning. That is our tax money at work. I am severelty pissed that these lowlife freaks feel justified in coming into our community and acting in such a horrific manner. At least they did not have great weather.

No, the great weather held out for Sunday, and Faith and I took complete advantage of it. We originaly wanted to go for a walk on the promenade but we again ended up on the Rustington side of the seafront. We just hung out on the promenade and people watched for a while. It was relaxing.

As we were heading back we saw a Caterham pull into the Littlehampton Swimming and Sports Complex. I always have to check out Caterhams so we went over. It was a glorius blue Ultra-light with the nice bucket seats. I absoloutely love those cars!

Since we were at the complex I asked Faith if she needed anything from the mini-Tesco in town. I have always thought that the back of the sports area was a shortcut to the Tesco. Faith did need something so we set off on our little mini adventure to find Tesco. I still believe that I am right about the shortcut but we will still have to wait till another day to find out. You see, we found this excellent park instead. It was so nice that we satyed and got nicely sunburnt in the process.

This park was designed in the late 30’s and is still the same as when built with the exception of an island being added to the lake in 1973. The pavillions and bridges are all art deco style. The lake is nice with several species of birds and offers kayaking, row-boats, and peddle boats in the shape of giant swans. The Littlehampton Miniature Railway ends at this park and has a miniature replica of an actual train station.

The concession stand is a nice treat as well. In the back of the park are the sports feilds and kids play areas. The whole of the park is nicely landscaped and there is also a wilderness area left untouched with trails.

We explored this park for a couple of hours. We watched a bird family that had a nest in the middle of the lake fend off the seagulls from the newborns they were taking care off. There was a duck family with about 7 young-ones swimming all around, and two swans acting as if they owned the whole area.

We sat under a willow tree on the edge of the lake and just chilled for what seems forever. It was so peaceful. We feel like idiots as this park is only a fifteen minute walk from our apartment. It is well hidden though, almost as if they try to keep the tourists out. After what happened to the seafront on Sunday, I think that may be a great idea.

I took some video with my phone and once I get the proper software in I will add it to my phone movie and post it here. I got word late Friday that Pc World has finally shipped, so we will see how long it takes to come in. I will be back with my podcast later.

Until then,
Be Seeing You…

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  1. Gordon

    That sounds like a great day. Nothing better for the soul than a good day wandering aimlessly with someone you love. By the way, the site is looking great. Later, G

  2. Yes, that was a great day. A totally lazy goof off kind of day. We had a blast. We always seem to be “on” these days. It was nice to tune out the world for a while.

    Glad you like the new styles on the site.

    Be seeing you…

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