I have a freakin headache from hell

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I do not normally get headaches, but when I do they are big ones. I get pretty bad migraines occasionally. I always freak when I get a headache, thinking that something else may be happening.

First my vision starts to get all wonky, then a dull ache sets in. Then my eyes start actually hurting a bit and the pain rises to my forehead area, usually one side or the other. If I am lucky that is where it stops, that is where I am right now.

A couple of times, the worst being in Pacifica, things got really interesting. I thought that I was actually having a stroke. I started to get wiggly lines forming in the edges of my vision moving toward the center. The pain then came, really bad pain. I started to slur my words and lost the feeling in one of my arms. Then I started to lose the feeling in my face and started to have my vision turn to black. I thought that I was dying as that is classic stroke symptoms. It was just my worst migraine ever.

I don’t think this one will get any worse and it is manageable right now. I want to do a podcast and a video today but I will play it by ear. I will work on the video unless this gets worse, but I don’t really feel up to podcasting right now. We will see.

I am actually shocked that I wrote this, I need to go lie down in a dark room for a few minutes and see if that helps.

Be seeing you…

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  1. Sending you get well wishes….

  2. I am feeling better, back at it tommorrow.;)

  3. Glad you’re feeling better Eban :)!

  4. Thanks Graham! It is nice without the headache.

  5. When I get a headeach, I drink Jagermeister. It also helps with cramps. 😛

  6. Actually, I had a cold beer last night and it did help. I usually don’t get cramps, due to male phisiology and all 😉

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