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Just as I was finishing up the latest video blog entry last night I recieved a call from Faith. She was telling me that she would be working a bit late. As this happens every now and then I am used to it. I set the Sky+ box to record her favorite evening show and went back to work on the finishing touches to the video.

I knew something was up when about 20 minutes later I get another call asking if I am bored. Truth is, Faith had a crapload of work to get done for a meeting this morning and most of her team were out of town, leaving her alone. She aksed if I could go in and help.

Well, I posted the video and headed out to Wick and “The Body Shop” headquarters. She indeed had a ton of stuff to prepare for the meeting and would have easily been there past midnight. It was around 7:00 pm or so at the time. We jumped into it and were done around 9:30.

We got a taxi home as Faith was not up for the walk after working almost 13 hours. We got home and had a couple of beers and some noodles then hit the sack.

Faith left for her meeting just over an hour ago. She is presenting the Christmas setup today. For those that do not know, Faith is the visual merchandiser for “The Body Shop” in the UK and Ireland region. We actually came here to England as Faith was moved here from the US headquarters in San Francisco.

To say that I am proud of what she has achieved would be an understatement. Faith is one of the small percent that not only moved into corporate life from the field (she started as a store manager in Texas), but she is now just a few spots from the top. Her weekly presentations are to the President of the UK and Ireland region. All of this in just six years or so. She is so talented. As an artist, her work much better known than mine, even if hers is mostly annonymous. If you walk into a Body Shop you see her work. The window displays, the tables , the bays, it is all her form of sculpture.

Still, I do almost consider myself an unpaid “Body Shop” employee. I have duplicated last nights duty several times in the past. I even went in and worked her stock back when she was a store manager during her busy Christmas periods. I wonder if asking for company stock is out of the question? Probably so.

I have a few errands to run this morning and I need to workout. I will probably do a podcast later this afternoon. I do not have any video work to do today. So, until this afternoon I will say…

Be seeing you.

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  1. The meeting went well….thanks for helping me prepare.

    Also, thanks for the compliment….it means a lot.

    Hope you have a great day! See ya later….

  2. I know that I am pround of my Aunt Faith. I think it is awsome what she is doing. I think that we all accomplished alot so far in life and have a lot left to go. Miss ya’ll.

  3. I agree Eban, I am so happy for Faith and her accomplishments. SO HAPPY! and a bit jealous, I want a job like that!! đŸ˜›

    Faith, me hermana! Me encanta tu trabajo! Now that you rolled out the Christmas, maybe next week will be a bit less hectic. But then again, It might be more intense?

    Looking forward to the Podcast later! :mrgreen:

  4. Yeah, Faith rocks! Can’t wait till you get off tonight;)

  5. Am glad the presentation went well. That’s very sweet the two of you together knocking out stuff. It’s great having that support at times.

    It’s also true that most jobs, no matter how corporate, involve that intuitive creative appreciation of your surroundings. I guess you have to understand your customers, what they’re looking for, and all of the things that make your product resonate.

    It sounds like an amazing accomplisment the two of you have made on your long journey.

  6. Darlene

    I am so proud of what you have accomplished with your job and your life. Just keep up what you are doing and keep the attitude and outlook and you will even go further..Just remember that you have your husband who loves you dearly and so does the rest of the family…….

  7. Thanks everyone for all the wonderful thoughts! It warms my heart…

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