Irreverant News Round-up, Podcast Style 08-05-05

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Here is yet another take on the days events. In this podcast I hit on drought in the south of England, The Mighty Boosh, Wil Wheaton getting some more acting gigs (way to go Wil), an Italian river full of cocaine, the decrease in travel to London, Greata Van Sustern’s internet woes in Aruba, drugging shift workers, Glen Reynolds and a sucky post, funny Sony lawsuit settled, how not to divorce your wife, and Robert Blakes many attempts to kill the ones he loves.

Wow, that is a lot today. Click here are on the graphic below to listen.

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  1. I enjoy listening! I can handle the length of them.. This morning I made coffee, cleaned the kitchen, organized my pantry, etc while listening. It would be difficult for someone like Pat to listen, being at work all day, and busy in the evening. The first podcast I listened to I sat at the computer for a few miutes and stared at the little circle moving ultra slow on the progrss bar and thinking DAMN how long is this thing?? Then I realized I that I dont have to stare at the blank page! hahaha 😆 So now I enjoy them, and do things as I listen.

    Drugs are bad. mmmkay!
    I can’t wait to see you video post. I will be working on something like that when my apartment is complete. Probably in a few weeks!!
    Take care,

  2. Thanks for the feedback. Glad I am the soundtrack to you setting up your new place. I feel like I am helping, 😉 I will be spicing them up in the future, making them more radio like and more entertaining. I am learning as I go.

    Thing is about the podcasts is that I have them optimized for download and use on portable devices such as MP3 players. If you get the podcast from my feedburner feed then they can even be used in an Ipod. So I am now portable entertainment as well, lol.

    I had fun with the couple of video posts that I did but I want to wait for my new equipment before starting. Who would have thought that I ordered from the slowest company on Earth. As soon as I get the proper software I will put up the video from my phone showing Faith losing it on that ride last weekend.

    By the way, how is the theme switching working on your system. My buddy from London, Graham, can’t switch. How are things working on your end. I am trying to get the code compliant on all systems.

    Have a fun day in your apartment!

  3. Am loving the new Mighty Boosh too, it’s such a creative show.

    Oh my goodness, am really happy for Wil Wheaton doing some more acting!

    Man, that would suck to be on night shifts!! Drugs are not the answer, I agree with you.

    That is messed up lying about a violent murder!! Come on who thinks that is a good way to convince your wife to divorce you!! Stupid, stupid thing to do….my word what was going through his mind?

    Okay, sorry for all the misc comments. Anywho, think I will download your next podcast so that I can listen to it with my MP3 player whilst walking to work!! That’s a good idea Angel has to listen to the podcast whilst doing something mindless.

    BTW, this was a nice podcast…you are ever evolving and look forward to your future ones.

    Be safe everyone….

  4. you talk too much..

  5. and you say “you know” too often..

  6. Well, you are an enigma. You seem to be from Lithuania,
    Vilniaus Apskritis, Vilnius to be exact. But on the other hand, your IP of seems to be from Amsterdam. Hmmmmmmm.

    Welcome to my site. I will let you know how things go here since you are new. I value all opinions, even negative ones, as long as the negative ones are constructive. You see, mine is the only opinion that counts here.

    One thing, I will not abide cowards. To me there is no lower form of shit-eating pondscum than fucking cowards, which you obviously are by hiding behind a pathetic “e”. Anonymity is cowardly. Good day! Next time grow a pair of balls you yellow bastard.

    If you have the stones to come from out from your cowardly veil, I won’t ban your IP from posting.

    I hold out very little hope of you redeeming yourself.

  7. Guess Who?

    Thought I tell you hello….I am at work right now waiting for some photos to print. And what do I do when I have a few minutes to spare? I go to your fantastic site!

    By now, you have probably figured out who I am….so even though I didn’t leave a name like one of your other vistors, hopefully I am still on your good side!

    Till next time! Keep rocking!!

  8. Anonimity? If would have used a proxy for real anonimity if I wanted to. Ban me if that makes you happy, I don’t care. From my point of view me posting here is an avail to you and not to me..

    And why should I tell my name/surname/address/dog’s name/bank account info/etc, etc to every damn bastard that I meet in the net? I say what I want to say and I haven’t any pledges to you or any other blogger. That’s the idea of the internet after all…

  9. First off, putting an email here is viewable only to me, I set it up that way to protect visitors. A name is so That I can respond to more than just a letter or anonymus. A site? So that I can see what I am dealing with, presumable if you have a site then you want people to visit it. If you don’t have a site then disregard that.

    I never asked for anything personal from any of my commentors such as address, surname, bank account and such. You seem a bit touchy. I just ask that they have the stones to let me know who I am dealing with. Just so you know, I can’t stand positive anonymus comments either.

    I am not banning you, I just wanted to draw you out a bit.

    Posting here is an avail to me, that is a good one.

    My previous statements stand. Good Day sir!

  10. An add:
    Anyway, don’t take it the wrong way. It’s no offence. Atleast I did not mean it to be offensive. It’s just that I like this. A nick doesn’t reveal a true identity anyway, so is there a difference between a seemless nick like ‘MrI’ or ‘Cthon98’ and a seemless letter like ‘a’ or ‘e’/whatever instead of that nick. It tells nothing anyway.
    Plus, I don’t see the point of posting any other details. I could post an email or whatever, but why the hell? If you really need it for some good reason then you should let me know (and I read the comments after mine so you could contact me like that, after all). Now an email would be nothing but just another spoil for spam-bots.

  11. Posted the last without reading your reply. So I was a bit wrong about the email, etc.
    Anyway, good day.

  12. Alright, peace it will be then. Welcome to the site, things should be heating up around here a bit so check back.

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