Just Starting My Friday

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Good Morning.

I just got finished with breakfast and checking out the news. I actually did a bit of preparation for my podcast today. I know, gasp at the horror, armegedon is on us.

The news stories today inspired me a bit more. I went to different sources today. Before I was sticking to Worldnet Daily and Drudge. Today I hit BBC, Fox News, Salon, and Wired along with the others. A bit of diversity, you see.

I will hit on this in my podcast but I will touch on it here as I know there are people out there that do not give themselves the pleasure of my podcasts. Be vigilant today and tommorrow. WND has reported earlier this week that the 6th is a very important day for Bin Laden. The anniversary of Hirroshima. Probably nothing will come of it, but be prepared none the less. If Bin Laden were to do something it could come on Friday or Saturday as the 6th hits in Japan while the U.S. is still on the 5th. Spooky stuff.

For a much more lightened view of daily events, hit the podcasts.

Today the weather here sucks! Thing is, we need the rain. We here in the south and south east have been getting threats that we may have forced water rationing due to this being the worst drought since 76. So, let the rain fall!

It feels good having the site running again, although I have taken a severe hit in my traffic. Here is the rub, I still have stats on at my Blogger site as well as here. All of my regulars still hit the Blogger site where I have my announcment of starting over here at this site. Thing is, only about a quarter of them have come over to the new site. I have gone from over 1000 visitors a day to around 200. I have to ask, are people too lazy or dense to click the links that I left up? Things that make you go HMMMMM. On another note, I am not worried that the statement above will offend them, they won’t even see it.

So I am off. I need to do the dishes and catch a workout before I start todays podcast. I also may be getting a visit from my landlord today as he is in town from his home in Jersey (the channel island, not New Jersey) to attend a christening. I really like Marcus so that will be a cool visit.

Be seeing you…

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