Lots to do Today

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I just wanted to get this short post out of the way before I jump into recording this mornings podcast. I want to get these things out of the way so that I can start using all the cool stuff that I have now.

The new studio software that I have is just great. It is so much more feature packed than what I was using before. I will do a short project today. I will probably try to edit together a short film from our footage from our time in Germany. We will see how that goes.

Again the weather is just great here in Littlehampton. I am torn as my other idea is to go out and film some of the town and do a little music video tour through Littlehampton. Maybe that can be tommorrows film project. We will see.

Any requests for video posts? Just let me know.

So now I am off to do the podcast for today.

Be Seeing You…

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