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Well, here is the Germany video. Faith and I lived in Germany back in 94-95. This video is from footage taken in our last 5 months there. This was the first video that we ever took, so it is rough. I got this down to under 12 minutes from over 3 hours of footage.

Know this, do not pay attention to the date and time shown on some of the scenes. This was all taken in mid to late 95. We wanted a camera and knew a freind that was heading to a nearby city. We gave him our cash and asked him to get us a good deal. What he got for us was an open box item with no instructions. The time and date were what was already set on the camera. Hell, it took us 3 months just to figure out how to turn it off, lol.

So, enjoy the scenery at least.

Click here for the vlog post.

Be seeing you.

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  1. I just finished viewing the footage from Germany! It must have been breathtaking .. I bet the video does not do the real thing ANY justice. It was wonderful seeing a few seconds of you and Faith.

    How are you and Faith handling the road down memory lane? I went through some pictures yesterday and was just crying my eyeballs out…

    Faith, I totally remember that bag!! for real!

    okey dokie. Talk to ya later.

  2. Great job, Eban and Faith! I really enjoyed it! It was almost like being there! Thanks for sharing it!


  3. Thanks Ingrid! Glad you enjoyed it. The best is yet to come. Thanks also for coming over from the xchange!

  4. You are very welcome! Keep up the great work!!! I’ll have to dig out my Dazzle stuff tomorrow. Who knows…maybe I’ll find that video editor! I’ll keep you posted on that!!! 😀

    Have a wonderful weekend!


  5. Tammy Piper

    Thank you! I loved revisiting Europe with your video! I have been to some of the places on it. Do you have any pics of Evergreen Lodge? I want to get a new video camera or computer now so I can download my videos, but some of my family and friends complain that I take enough of their time with all the still Internet albums I send them. God Bless! Tam

    “Blessed is the man that trusteth in The Lord, and whose hope The Lord is. For he shall be as a tree planted by the waters, and that spreadeth out her roots by the river, and shall not see when heat cometh, but her leaf shall be green; and shall not be careful in the year of drought, neither shall cease from yielding fruit.” (Jeremiah 17:1-8 KJV)

  6. Thanks for visiting Tammy!

    I am glad that you enjoyed the video. I was hoping that someone from the AFRC boards would see it. It is such a shame that a great place like the General Walker is now a parking lot. All those memories.

    Thanks again for visiting and have a great weekend!

  7. just checked out your video-excellent I might add..!-I was in B’gaden beginning 80’s and moved to C’see later thru 90’s, enjoyed your video made me very homesick, have emailed a few friends to check it out too as I feel they will enjoy it just as much!-hey, just a thought,- you might find a few more friends on the website not many of us are using the B’gaden website anymore, the older website was more ‘user friendly’ but times changed and so did the website!-thanks again fro sharing-goodjob with the editing too!

  8. Hey Deb! I am glad that you enjoyed the video. Thanks for the info about the I will check that out today.

    I am glad to see that some of the AFRC’ers are out there on the web. I am still holding out hope that I can run into some old freinds.

    You don’t happen to know anything about Mike Duhr, do you. He was a hausmeister at Cheimsee until 95 when he moved to the Walker.

    Have a great day!

  9. mick murray

    I worked there in 85 with Jed and Tony in the kitchen at the Walker. had some good times…the bars/cafes, the disco under the bahnhoff. Sleeping on a train after missing the last taxi and waking up on the way to Berlin!! Everton v Munchen, Octoberfest, skiing. good pics and good times.

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  11. Shari Rhodes

    I enjoyed looking at the video of Berchtesgaden and Salzburg so much! I happened upon your site when I was looking for pictures of the General Walker Hotel, where I stayed in 1980 when my husband was still in the AF. We also took a tour to Salzburg, so recognized some of those pictures. At the time we were stationed in the Azores, and had taken a week’s trip to Berchtesgaden. The video was well done and sure brought back a lot of memories. I always wanted to return there, but sadly the hotel and all its history is gone. Good job on taping the video!
    Shari Rhodes, Moore, OK

  12. Rodney Sterling

    I enjoyed the video very much. My wife and I were lived in Erlangen where I was stationed at Ferris Barracks with the US Army in 67 & 68. We stayed at the General Walker and toured the fortress in Salzburg. Did the cog train still take you up to the fortress when you visited Salzburg. Have you been to the salt mines in Berchtesgaden. We love Germany, the people are just We were married in Erlangen and our first daughter was born a year later in the Army hospital in Nuemburg.

  13. lilli hallock

    Hi Faith and Eban, (Eban?) Ok, I loved the flick. Good times there. Lilli

  14. Benjamin Roberts


    Could you e-mail Lilli and give her my message? I worked in Bertchtesgaden 94-95 and the shut down, and Lilli and I lived together and dated. YOu might remember me.. I lost touch and moved on.. I guess I am trying to find some old peeps. I was wondering if you knew Hansi and Chantel or Matt. Man its been along time. I have many pictures from B-gaden, I guess I need to get thoes scanned and make a web site. I cannot seem to find any one web site that is available from us B-Gaden folks to get together.

  15. Just inviting everyone to take a look at our afrc website. We are having our 34th annual reunion in Keystone in February and everyone with any AFRC connection to come join us.
    Happy Holidays!

  16. Norm Loukinen

    Thanks. I would sure like to see some pictures of AFRC Evergreen Lodge, too. I stayed there several times in the 80’s and really enjoyed the solitude, scenery, and the incredible hospitality provided by one housekeeper.

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