RfL Podcast Show 08-17-05

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Click here or on the graphic below to listen or to download the show to your computer or portable device. Today’s show focuses on podcasting as the future, some great indie and lo-fi bands from the Podsafe Music Network, and more.

Podcast show

Show notes
*History of podcasting and Adam Curry’s role in the new medium
*Music: Caplyn-Shadoesque Link
*Music: Ken and the New Incredibles-Stuttered and Fumbled Link
*The rules and future of podcasting
*Music: Darcy Fray-Numbers and Pills Link
*Music: Ride Theory-Dead Love Radio Link

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4 Responses

  1. I am totally digging the podcast lately. When you throw in the music, I can do my morning chores a bit faster and a with a more enthusiasm! AND hearing new bands is the coolest. Really, I SO support new bands and the radio stations here suck.. suck more than Houston. I mean I would rather listen to 104 KRBE that the crap here. and that is total suck! 😛

    wonder what will be on the next podcast! I don’t have any ideas, I love the suprise of it all. Especially since I know you will not play any country. phew!


  2. This was a very cool episode.Very informative, and all of the music was top notch. I especially liked the second song. I agree with you about Adam Curry. Podcasting is a relatively new phenomena and only recently with ITunes 4.9 has it really exploded online. Eight/nine months ago it was just a few people leading the way… and I think they should always be remembered as the forerunners to opportunities that exist now.

    Great show Eban.

  3. That was a fantastic podcast!! I listened to it on my way to work today….good job.

    I really like the bands too…it’s so nice to hear something different. Also I love how you pull out just a couple of news bits as well because I don’t get a chance everyday to check all the news sites.

    Keep it up!

  4. Thanks for the comments. I do have to admit that I was in a zone yesterday. I am sorry that the sound quality was off, I have corrected the problem today. I lay it all out in todays show. Thanks for the support!

    I just looked at my stats and the number of people that listen is growing! I guess the readers that I lost when I switched formats on the blog are finally being replaced.

    Not to beg, but let people know about the show, I feel a groove coming on. Hopefully I can sustain it.

    Thanks again!

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