RfL Podcast Show 08-18-05 Show #14

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Wow, show 14 already. Today we rock! I had a request today to something bluesy for at least one song and that gave me an idea for a theme. This show runs from blues based rock, to straight up rock, to slightlty alternative rock, to metal. Get it, it is all about the “ROCK” today. Plus some headlines, an update on the studio and yesterday’s bad sound quality. Enjoy!

All music in today’s show is from the Podsafe Music Network.


Show Notes
*Intro for Thursday
*Music: Stingray-Last Night Link
*Notes on yesterday’s show
*Music: Caplyn-My Desert Mind Link
*Music: Rocket City Riot-Feel Alive Link
*Talking about Studio Upgrades, Camera Problems and such
*Music: Hypnotics-I Feel It Too Link
Music: Darque Carnival-Spiral Down Link

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  1. Wow….what a great show. I love the bluesy type rock on such a hot day! It most certainly reminds me of hot days in Texas sipping on margaritas….

    Cool ass song at the end too!

    Looking forward to tomorrow’s podcast…

  2. Eban!

    Thanks again for the airplay man. We really appreciate it.


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