RfL Podcast Show 08-19-05 #15

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Click here or on the graphic below to listen or download the show to your computer or portable device. Today is Hard Rock and Metal Friday! Prepare to have your eardrums burst and bones chrushed. Otherwise, enjoy the show. Saturday’s show will have a bit of stuff for everyone. It will be the soundtrack to the beach, picnic, or BBQ.


Show Notes
*About the show, Podsafe Music Network, and 15 Megs of Fame
*Music: Rocket City Riot-Cut Me Out Link
*Music: Typhoid Mary-Can’t Believe Link
*Call for bands and to get the word out about show
*Music: Spore- Mon Heure de Gloire Link
* Latest from Metal Sludge
*Music: Retrograde-Letting Go link
*Music: Darque Carnival-Darque Carnival Link

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  1. Hard rock kicks ass!!! Loved the show!! Will tell a couple of people about your show when I see them…

    Good luck with everything and keep on rockin!

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