RfL Podcast Show 08-24-05 #20

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Click here or on the graphic below to listen or to download the show to your computer or portable device. To day is a hard rock, one day belated, birthday tribute to John Matthews. We have some great bands today so enjoy. Thursday will be a mixed rock show so be sure to check back!

All music played today is from the Podsafe Music Network

Show Notes
* Intro
*Tribute to JPM
*Music: Rocket City Riot- Feel Alive Link
*Jager Shot Machine
*Music: Thin Acid Angel-Troubled Man Link
*Jager Headlines
*Music: Lady White Noise-Deadbolt
*Jager Recipe
*Music: Black Furies-Rock City Crimewave Link
*Rap-Up/ Hypnosis
*Music: Miles Partridge-Tequila Link
*Final Happy Birthday Wish/Exit

5 Responses

  1. whoa! that was great! hahaahhh JoHonnnn! JoHoooon!! 😆

    We saw Disturbed in concert a couple years ago.. it would be awesome to see them again! I can’t wait for the dates and locations!

  2. Cool show!!

    Just wanted another shout out to John Pat…hope you had a fantastic birthday! Also, just wanted to say that every birthday comes with a birthday weekend….so enjoy the weekend when it comes.

    The sexy alligator drink sounds kind of interesting….hmmm….maybe we can try one sometime.

    OMG…the tequila-jagermeister hypnosis part was too funny!!! Reminded me of the hypnosis scene in Office Space.

  3. johnpat

    man, thanks allot , that was so freakin cool. just for doing that I will toast this next shoot of Jager to you. thank you .

  4. Eban, I just want to say thanx for playing Our song Deadbolt on your podcast. Hope you liked it.! Rock on…Seano Barry (singer-Lady White Noise), podcaster(The Seano and Jefe Show)………have a great day

  5. Thanks for the cool comments guys! And Pat, I am glad that you liked it! I was hoping it would not offend you, of course with our group there was little chance of that. I hope that you were not driving during the hypnosis though, lol. Here’s to getting old \m/!

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