Rock and Metal New Music Show, Podcast Style 08-15-05

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Here is the new format for the podcasts from now on. I am laying off the news in this one as I already hit the days news stories. Tommorow I launch this as the future of my podcasts combining news and new music. Check out these bands at the Podsafe Music Network.

Click here or on the Graphic below to listen or download to your portable device.

Show Notes:
*Music: Darque Carnival-Falling down Link
*Book Notes
*Music: Three Man-The Professionals Link
*Blog Shoutout
*Music: 38 Acres-New Way Link
*Music: Uncrowned-Queen of New York Link

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  1. Thank you so much for the shout out Eban. You always challenge my perspective on things.

    I used to be a huge metal fan when I was younger so I enjoyed the bands. Particularly the first who were a bit derivative of Pantera. I could hear a bit of Phil Anselmo in there. Still so sad about Dimebag :(.

    Look forward to getting lots more insights into cool new bands out there.

  2. Thanks Graham! Today’s show will be a bit more mellow, a bit more Nick Drake type stuff. I have to keep the show moving forward.

  3. Hey Eban,

    Just wanted to stop by and say thanks for playing our stuff. It’s people like you who help unknown bands like us get fans.


  4. No problem guys, thanks for the comment! Falling Down is a great song. As you can see from the first comment in this thread, it is the song that got people’s attention. Keep up the great work and hopefully people will come around.

    I love podcasting! It is like the new pirate radio of our day without the legal problems. It is the true alternative for people tired of corporate radio.

  5. This is James from 38 Acres. We too, appreciate you playing our stuff on your Podcast.

    Thanks again.


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