The Weekend So Far

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Wow, we still have a day to go as Faith took a three-day this week. We are probably heading over to the West Beach area to pick some blackberries today, if the weather holds. Today will be a bit more relaxed.

I worked for a couple of hours yesterday to put together a video blog post from my phone showing the events of the last couple of days. Unfortunately, the video editing software that I have does not recognize the .3pg format. I tried several converters to no avail. I already dropped a good bit of money on new equipment so I can’t justify getting another program just yet. This means of course that you will have to make due with my writing instead.

We got a pretty late start on Saturday due to my hangover. We took off to Worthing around 2:15 pm. We were excited as the Worthing festival was in full swing. As a matter of fact, it was the evening of the free Splash Fm concert which marked the one year anniversary of us wandering into Worthing for the first time.

Last year we were completely surprised. We saw a festival, realised Worthing is a great town, and then got to see a great free concert featuring Leo Sayer who is from the Worthing area. I would not normally pay to see Leo Sayer as his is not my type of music, but free is cool. Getting to hear all those songs that were so popular back in the seventies was a treat. (I know, I just gave up my increasing geezerhood)

This year we were looking forward to the concert, Even though we were not able to find any info on who was playing anywhere on the official Splash Fm or Worthing festival site.

We got to Worthing and hit seafront, getting some Ice Cream along the way. Faith and I rode one ride as soon as we got to the festival site. I need to thank Darlene right now for my hearing loss in my left ear. Faith says it was you that taught her to scream like a freakin banshee on carnival rides. We had a blast. We did want to ride some more but the call of the shopping in the English Market was too great for Faith to ignore.

The maket went on for what seemed like a complete mile, and Faith hit every booth. She did not get shoes as she never went anywhere near a shoe store, but spent all of her time at the market.

I got a couple of things. I got a new kick-ass monocular and a watch. I then saw a gadget that I kind of wanted. It was an mp3 player, an old one with low memory, but at a price that was dirt cheap. Faith talked me out of getting it and that was cool. Then she turned around and bought it for herself. What’s up with that? Truth is, she does have more use for it than me so it was a good call. I just wanted a new gadget. She needed something for her trips to the office and to use while working.

Faith got some great jewelry. She bought a crucifix with blue stones inlaid, two great necklaces made out of polished sea shells that are really breathtaking, a couple of dangly bracelets, and a really cool and unique watch.

By this time we were pretty hungry so we got an order of chips (fries) and started back towards the rides. By the time we got to the rides we were almost finished with the chips and did not think too highly of hitting the rides with food in our stomach. The chips towards the end were kind of soggy so we feb them to the gulls and headed for the concert area.

We stopped off at a pub right across from the concert area and had each a drink. We sat outside and watched the carnival and the people arriving for the show. After that we went and staked out our area.

The show started at 7:00 with a blues rock band that I did not catch the name of. They kicked pretty good. After three songs they brought out a special guest for the last four songs. It was Chris Farlowe, the english R&B singer that had a couple of big hits in the Sixties. The ones that most would remember would be “Out of Time” and “Handbags and Gladrags” which most recently served as the theme to “The Office”, (the real Brit version), and which was also remade by the Stereophonics.

Everyone was very much into the show by that point. The weather which had been a bit windy before actually got just a bit worse as it started to drizzle on and off. It was still fun.

After the band was finished they announced that the second act was going to be “The Great Pretender“. I was stoked at that news. The Great Pretender is the worlds #1 Queen tribute band, and they rock. I had heard great things about the group, things like after seeing them that you actually feel like you saw queen live. You know what, it is really true!
Great pretender
Steve Littlwood is a spitting image of Mercury on stage and has all of the Mercury mannerisms down to a science. On top of that, he sounds like Mercury, It is almost spooky. The lead gutarist who sports May’s uniform of white pants and shirt with a vest also looks incredibly like May, even if the wig is a bit noticable.
The show was so tight! Faith and I talked the day after and both came to the same conclusion. Even though we both know that it is completely impossible to have seen Queen on Saturday, we still feel like we did. It was a great show. Go to the website that I have linked to and check out the videos and the song samples. If The Great Pretender plays near you, definately go see them. It will be more Queenlike that the version of the real Queen touring with Paul Rogers.

Faith was in pain by the end of the set so we took off and missed the last act, which was the Rollin Clones. Yes , a Rolling Stones Tribute Band. I really had no urge to stay anyway, there is no way they could have been half as good as the Great Pretender, and Faith need to get off of her feet. She is still not 100% recovered from her surgery.

Here are some pics from the show.

After we left the show we went to Pizza hut and had some really crappy food. We both tried to act like we were enjoying it but it was really bad. We had such a great day that we could not let Pizza Hut kill it. Revenge came in the form of two parties of at least 7 people each that were arriving at 10:15 as we were leaving. Pizza Hut closes at 10:30. Ha, take that for giving us crappy pizza!

The ride home was uneventful and we hit the sack almost as soon as we got home.

Yesterday was more laid back. We went into town for a bit. Had breakfast at the Look-and-Sea Center and went for a completely usless trip into Rustington. Everything there was closed except a stationers and the grocery stores. We each got a magazine and started to walk home along the coast, which was nice. Nice until a storm started coming in while we were still about a mile from our flat. Luckily for us the clouds looked worse than they actually were and the rain held back until after we were home.

At that point I started to work on the movie from the footage that I took. I got really agrivated. I decide d to wait to post until today. We ordered Indian curries for delivery and had martinis to close out the day. It was cool.

Now, lets see how this day unfolds.

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  1. Wow….what an accurate account of our last 2 days! I have had a great time with you!

    One of my favorite times of the day was the ride…it was so fast and fun! Also, the Queen tribute band rocked! Love my new jewelery!!

    Yeah….think today will be more relaxing, but I do need to go into town for a minute and hope by some miracle I can find me a new pair of shoes in Littlehampton.

  2. Kellie

    It sounds like ya’ll had a blast. For my weekend I finally unpacked more boxes. We have been in the house now for 3 1/2 months and I am not finished unpacking. It’s taking awhile with the problems that I have been having. But thanks to my mother in law who came and helped yesterday. Now we are almost done. Yeah!!! Miss ya’ll.

  3. Love the new look sounds like we have been having fun these few days good for you.

  4. Hey there!!

    Am on lunch right now and just wanted to pop by and say hello. I know you are spending most of the day away from the computer, but wanted to say hi anyway. It’s nice to be able to see your site at work now!

    Have a productive day!

  5. Hey Kellie! Unpacking can be a chore, but I bet the appeal of having your own place overides the chore. Get some rest and enjoy your place.

    Thanks for the complement Amelia. Your weekend sounds a bit fun also. Have you recovered yet?

  6. Did you forget to address someone??(lol)

    See you soon.

  7. I was getting around to it. You know what they say, if you can’t say something nice then…Lol. I can’t wait till you get home!

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