Update on RfL, Podcast Style 08-14-05

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I wanted to put out a quick podcast today talking about things that are going on at Reaching for Lucidity. One new thing is the addition of a new reddish colored, slightly unstable, superhero contributor that goes by the initials S.J.
Senator Jaiz

Just click here or on the graphic below.

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  1. Think that your idea of lighter, slightly weird news sounds great…the normal news is so easy to find and prolific….would love to hear about strange stories.

    Also….want more videos….you have me curious as to your video you want to make??…don’t worry,if you end up not liking it…post it anyway…that way, when we see the next one, we will see your improvement. It’s all good…art is subjective you know….

    See ya!

  2. There are growing concerns about the dirt circles I am freaked out now there there was evidence captured on video!

    It would be freaking awesome for a new book to be out this December! I love fitness books!! LOVE them!!

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