Video Blog Post, A view From a Balcony (in Cali!)

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I wanted to do a Vlog post today but I was overwhelmed at the choices of things to do. I was originally going to do a video either of Germany or Littlehampton set to music. As I was going through all of our old tapes I found the one where Faith and I just documented the views from our balcony in Pacifica, California. This video is of footage shot between 2003 and 2004. The video is just over 8 minutes long and is 13.6 megs. Click here or on the pic below. Enjoy!


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  2. What a great video you pulled together…so many wonderful views…I loved them all…the sunsets, whales, dophins, surfers, waves, fishermen, rainbows…

    That was wonderful, thanks for the reminder of some of our favorite past views. At least now, my family can see some of the stuff we have seen.

  3. The video is nice! I love the part when I saw the kitty for the first time. And the surfers. And everything! I enjoyed my visit there so much. I think I will go look at my pictures and videos from the trip today.


  4. I am working on the Germany movie right now. This one will take me a bit more time to finish though. So much footage!

  5. Loved the video. Can’t wait to see the one from Germany. I had a mini vacation watching it. Wish we could have went for a visit. Maybe one day.

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