RfL Podcast 09-22-05 #44

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Back after a day off, and a day of mistakes it is. I know that in the spur of the moment I refer to Opera as an operating system, just a mis-spoken word folks, I know it is a web browser and I say so in the cast. Also, my American voicemail # is 985-878-5136, not 5631. Ok, on to the non-mistake parts. Today we have a great rock mix, an announcment about Brother Love, some headlines, an RFL-BSA, some new gadgets, and some Kate Moss inspired drink recipes. A bit for everyone! Be sure to come back for “Hard Rock and Metal Friday”.

All music featured today is from the Podsafe Music Network

Show Notes

2.Promo-Battlestar Galactica Podcast

3. Induction of Brother Love into the RfL Royal Court

4.Music: Brother Love-There She Goes

5.Headlines and BS Award
Story on Gonzales and FBI porn unit
Link to get Opera web browser

6.Music: iscintilla-Scin

Link to Scooter Desk
Link to Powersquid

8.Pooters Hair of the Dog-The Kate Moss episode

9.Music: The King of All Independents, Miles Partridge-Tequila

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4 Responses

  1. Welcome to the Royal Court Brother Love !!

    I received my Miles Partridge 2 days ago! I had it blaring in the trailblazer yesterday! windows down and Tequila up! whoop whoop!

  2. Hey Eban!!!

    Thanks for playin’ THERE SHE GOES!!!!!!

    I am having trouble hearin’ your show – it plays super fast…like the Chipmonks…

    Any reason why?

    I wanna hear your great show!

    Brother Love

  3. Hey bro!
    You keep pumping out the great tunes and attitude and I promise that I will do my best to get the word out. Welcome to the Royal Court!

    The chipmunk problem, the bane of my existence, lol. My show files are extremely large. I do not want to lower the quality so I use variable bit-rate encoding. The problem with the flash player on Podshow is that it is yesterday technology and has trouble reading the newer encoding processes. I have been trying diferent things to no avail yet. It is frustrating, but if you subscribe to the feed or get the show from here you will hear it fine. This is a case of the content getting ahead of the technology a bit.

  4. Hey Eban, I hope all ur family in Houston r alright. I’ve heard that Rita has now slowed down to a 4, and hopefully it might get as low as a 2. I hope there aren’t mass casualties this time around.

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