RfL Podcast 09-30-05 #50!!!

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Thats right, it is SHOW NUMBER 50!!!

Click HERE or on the graphic below to listen to or to download the show to your computer or portable device. It is half-a-century today as we hit show #50! I am drinking and having fun on the show today. We got featured by Adam Curry on his-Daily Source Code-yesterday for the second time, and this one went out on Sirius Satelite radio as well as the net! In our headlines today one of my favorite bands of all time , Nightwish, was yesterday certified platinum in their home country. We have great gadgets, great drink recipes, and some of the best hard rock and metal you will ever hear! Enjoy!

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Show Notes

1.Intro- Show #50, I am drinking today! We got featured again on the Daily Source Code on both the net and the Sirius Satelite Network!

2.Promo- The Scene Zine Podcast

3.Music- Full Minute of Mercury- March of the Cicada

Nightwish is certified PLATINUM in Finland!

Creative guy uses pet pig to thwart eviction

5.Music- Smeer-So Wrong

Atari 2600 is back
Padlock for idiots

7.Music- Rising Conviction-Middle of the End

8. Pooter’s Hair of the Dog-Lazy Bum Episode

10.Music- Blantant Disarray-Lunacy

11.End- Thanks for being here for 50, let’s keep going!

12.The End? (suprise)

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4 Responses

  1. Hey Eban!

    Happy 50th show!! New shit coming soon. Hopefully by the end of Oct.


  2. Thanks!
    Can’t wait for the new tunes.

  3. Good job on show 50 Eban. Great finale song with Darque Carnival. Later, G

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