RfL Podcast 10-04-05 #53

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Click HERE or on the graphic below to listen to or to download the show to your computer or portable device. We have a great -Indie and Alternative Tuesday-mix today. We also have some slightly disturbing celebrity news, a couple of big announcements, and more. Enjoy! Be sure to come back for an energizing rock mix on Thursday.

Show Notes

1.Intro- RfL has been nominated for the 2005 BoB’s (best of Blogs) awards in the best podcast category. Check out my nomination site here
Click here to check out David Boles’ Urban Semiotic which is nominated in the best weblog category

2. Promo- The Tragedies

3. Music- Reasons for Leaving- So In Closing

Paris- The Princess and the PEE
Thanks to Martinis, Persistence, and a Smile for the story

5. Music- Alice Marie-Medeleine

6.This Day in History and Birthdays

7.Music- For the Drive Home-Summerset

8.Pooter’s Hair of the Dog- The Paris Episode

9.Music- A Step behind-First Dibs on Last Chances

10.End- Thanks for another jump in listeners!
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  1. Super duper incredible show!!! Keep it up!

  2. howdy I quite enjoyed this website .

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