RfL Podcast 10-06-05 #53A

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I am so sick today, I just do not have enough energy to get the regular show out. Please enjoy this short, two song episode. I sould be back, better than ever for-Hard Rock and Metal Friday- Click HERE for the shortened show.

Show Notes
1.Intro- I am sick, sorry about the short show
2.Music- 7 Seconds of love- Winners
3.Music- Rocket City Riot-Feel Alive

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  1. Hope you feel beeter by tomorrow brother cuz we got the a new song up on the Podsafe music network just for you. It’s called Renewed Esteem. This one will be on the new album coming out in Nov.


  2. Feel better some kind of bug has been going around here too get lots of rest and drink plenty liquids.Thanks for mentioning me on your podcast I did a post about it.
    I’m doing some catching up too.

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