RfL Podcast 10-07-05 #54

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Click HERE or on the graphic below to listen to or to download the show to your computer or portable device. I am stoned on over-the-counter medication today just to get the -Hard Rock and Metal Friday-episode out. Things should be fun today! Kick back and enjoy

Show Notes

1.Intro- Still sick, but I am stoned on OTC meds! We have a brand new debut from the upcoming November realease by Darque Carnival! We also welcome the new listeners coming from the Small Island Girl blog.

2.Promo- He Said She Said Podcast

3.Music- Smeer-What Else Can I Do

Lisa Ling calls off Engagement
Lisa Ling

Jack Osbourne in Space?

Kangaroo Signs, Bitchslap Award for Child Support Evader

5.Music- Priapism-Beat the System

6.This Day in History and Birthdays

7.Music- Rising Conviction-Ultrasharp Backstab

8. Pooter’s Hair of the Dog- The Dick Episode

9.Music- “Debut!” Darque Carnival-Renewed Esteem

10.End- Possible Show Saturday, not sure yet.

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