RfL podcast 10-14-05 #60

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For Mature Audiences only!
Click HERE or on the graphic below to listen to the show or to download the show to your computer or portable device. Today is Hard Rock and Metal Friday! I also decide to completely earn the explicit rating from iTunes. I finally get to unleash the Hyde side of my personality.

Show Notes

1.Intro- Faith and I had a martini-fest last night, still no on the Big A sex though. We both agreed that Tarja from Nightwish is super hot and I believe we are both in love with her. Go check out the tipsy chicks. Cafe Du Monde re-opening next week. Going to earn the explicit tag.
Tarja Turunen

2.Promo- The Tipsy Chicks

3.Music- Lucid-Testify

3,a I should have performed in the Highland games instead of powerlifting as we scottish know how to handle our poles

Dog and Squirel
Criminal in the box
End of the Simple Life
Tom and Katie, the saga continues

5.Music-Uncrowned-You Deny

6.New Segments-
Zenra, Japanese porn
Ask Eban advice segment- the My Boyfriend and his Wife Episode
How do I compare to the British Male Sexually

7.Music- Rising Conviction-Shudder

8.Pooters Hair of the Dog- The sex episode

9.Music- Darque Carnival-No One

10. End- see you all on Sunday Morning

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