RfL Podcast 10-16-05 #61

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Click Here or on the graphic below to listen or to download the show to your computer or portable device. It is Easy Sunday, enjoy.

Show Notes

1.Intro- An explanation of Easy Sunday for new listeners, loved the latest Tipsy Chicks podcast!

2.Music- Alice Marie-Lipstick Diaries

3.Promo- Rob Costlow Piano Auction on Ebay

4. Music- Rob Costlow-Goodbyes

5.This Day in History and Birthdays

6.Music- Hungry Lucy- High Price of Mistakes

7.Pooters Hair of the Dog- Snow White episode

8.Music- Lascivious Biddies- Betty

9. End- Come back as everything really does start over on Monday, going for the explict tag

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