RfL Podcast 10-17-05 #62

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For Mature Audiences only
Click HERE to listen to the show or to download it to your computer or portable player. It is a great rock mix for Monday. Enjoy! (sorry for audio hiccup, I hope my system is not dying like Curry’s)

Show Notes

1.Intro- No more Easy Sunday shows, I will be adding a Wed. show. More reasons to love the Tipsy Chicks! Check out Mary and Karla as well.

2.Music- Granian-Contagious

3.Headlines and more-
Update on Naughty Santa Pics
Ancient Greek Birth Control
German World Cup Brothel

4.Music- Udora-light in the Hole

5.I need an ego boost after the height- weight charts say I am obese, so I use my neighbor that hates me
Advice for the day- I want a divorce because my husband masterbates

6.Music- The Muggs-Said and Done

7.Drink of the day with Pooter- Pepe’s Flame of Love Martini-2 oz- Stoli Vodka, 2-3 drops La Ina Fino Sherry, 2 orange peel strips,
Swirl a few drops of la ina sherry in a chilled cocktail glass and pour back out. Squeeze a strip of orange peel into the glass, flame’ it with a match, then discard burnt peel. Fill the glass with ice cubes; until chilled, and remove ice. Add vodka, flame’ another orange peel around the rim, then discard burnt peel. Stir gently, and serve.

By Pepe Ruiz of Beverly Hills Chasen’s Restaurant.

8.Music- Brother Love-Push

10. End- Send me your feedback, See you all Tuesday

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