RfL Podcast 10-20-05 #65

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For Mature Audiences!
Click HERE or on the graphic below to listen to the show or to download the episode to your computer or portable device. We have a great rock-mix on tap today. Enjoy!

All music is from the podsafe music network

Show Notes

1. Intro- No Brock Today!, Great Rock-Mix

2.Promo- The Big Show

3. Announcements
Look out for the Vanton episode soon
May be offering the tracks played on the show for purchase from RfL site

4.Music- The Revolutions-Hypnotized

5. Headlines and stuff
50 Cent and Young Buck doing some good things

David Coperfield continues to freak me out

6.Music- Sauerwine-Loss Angeles

7.Advice and crap
Is it really you and not me?

Top ten things to not do when drunk

8.Music-Berman-Fall off the Earth

9.Mom/Daughter doubles porn site (adults only!)

Drink of the day with Pooter-
Malibu Tequichi recipe
1 part Malibu® coconut rum
2 parts tequila
3 parts pineapple juice

Shake with ice and serve in a champagne flute.

10. Music- AVA Raiders-City Life

11. End- Your feedback has brought the show back to an R-rating, a hard R maybe, but an R. Keep the great feedback coming!

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