RfL Podcast 10-21-05 #66

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For Mature Audiences
Click HERE or on the grapfic below to listen to the show or to download the episode to your computer or portable player. It is Hard Rock and Metal Friday. Enjoy!

Show Notes

1.Intro- I am in Southampton for a Mayflower production of the Tchaikovsky ballet Sleeping Beauty as you listen to this! Sadam gets some time, U.S. celebrates the crappy air

2.Promo- LD Planet

3. Announcements
Look out for the Vanton episode soon
May be offering the tracks played on the show for purchase from RfL site

4.Music- Sol-Iss-Machines

5.Headlines and Stuff
Alfred Nobel was born in 1833
Terminator vs Girlie-man
TomKat Update-Spooky indeed!

6.Music- Smeer-Snob

7.Advice and crap-
My 55 year old husband does not remember my 37 year old ass!
14 Best Prison Pick-up lines!

8.Music-Darque Carnival- Renewed Esteem

9.Drink of the day with Pooter-
Sip And Go Naked recipe

1 cup gin
12 oz lemonade concentrate
24 oz beer
24 oz water

Mix all ingrediants together in a pitcher. Tastes and smells non-alcoholic, but packs a wallop.

10. Music- Rising Conviction-House of the Rising Sun

11.End- Keep the feedback coming

12.Music-Rising Conviction- Regular Zebra vs Seagul pt.1

13. See you all on Monday!

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  1. What’s up brother. Sorry we haven’t been around for awhile. Been playing allot and trying to get the album finished. That band Smeer OWNS!!!


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