RfL Podcast 11-02-05 #72

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Click HERE or on the graphic below to Listen to Wed. Coffee House or to download the show to your computer or portable device. Enjoy the show! I will tidy up and enhance the show notes when I get back to Littlehampton.

Show Notes

Intro- I am in London right now

2.Music-Lascivious biddies-Betty

The Birth of Daniel
Prince Charles gets Tied up
Jermaine makes Michael pinkish
Slater falls, but not too hard
Woody Allen gets his very own bitchslap

4.Music-Hungry Lucy-Rainfall

5.Top 5 excuses for…

6.Music- Alice Marie-Madeleine

8.Drink of the Day with Pooter-
Horny Kermit

9.Music- Rob Costlow-Goodbyes

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  1. Anonymous

    Yeah Wednesday Coffee House !
    The link for the show is linked for tomorrow 11/3/
    Since I am a crazy huge fan.. here is a temporary link to the above show.. just change the 3 to a 2.


  2. Thank you anonymous! I had the London trip on my mind and just screwed that one up. Evrything is back to normal now. I will be back to do the Friday show as normal as well.

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