RfL Podcast 11-07-05 #75

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Click HERE or on the graphic below to listen to show #75 or to download the episode to your computer or portable player. It is show 75! We are getting up there now. We have a great rock-mix and tons of celebrity crap for the show today. A brilliant T.P. questions Pooter, we have three bitchslap awards, plus the announcement of the date for the Vanton special! Enjoy!

Show Notes

1.Intro- Faith is back at work, the vacation is over. Things are back on track here at the show. The date for the Vanton special is Nov. 15th, that is next Tuesday!
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2.Music- Steadman-Wave Goodbye

3.Headlines and Stuff plus Stupid Celebrity Crap pt. 1
Cheerleaders nicked for grabbing the snatch

You Get No Soup! in Manhattan from the Soup Nazi, that is

Star Jones really does read her cans

The Hilton Look, and a bitchslap!

4.Music- Granian-On My Own

5.Stupid Celebrity Crap Con’t

TomKat and the Prenup

Gallo and his goo plus a bitchslap!

6.Music- Vanton-Silver Bullet

7.Drink of the Day with Pooter
T.P. says that Pooter is not real and gets a bitchslap!

Night Skies Over London recipe

1 oz gin
1 oz LBV port
1/4 oz lime juice
1 tsp sloe gin
2 oz lemonade or Lemon/lime soda

Serve in an old-fashioned glass half-filled with broken ice.

8. Music- Mile Partridge- Better Than You

9. End
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Till next time, adios!

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  1. whoa! I almost had a crazy lazy spastic eye moment with that animated gif of Paris!


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