RfL Podcast 11-16-05 #82

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Click HERE or on the graphic below to listen to the show or to download the episode to your computer or portable player. It is yet again the RfL Wed. Coffee House. We have smooth tunes, Stupid Celebrity Crap, and Sharon Osbourne proves how much of a bitch she really is and gets a well deserved RfL Bitchslap for being such a waste of skin. All, this and you get to witness me race a forming migraine to finish the show. Excitement all around. Enjoy!

Show Notes

Bad jokes, history, and a welcome to the Wed. Coffee House

2.Music- Loreena Mire- Movies in my Head

3.Stupid Celebrity Crap Pt.1
Hollywood Sucks Ass! Kathleen Turner Rules!
Rod keeps the honesty up through his fiancee

4.Music- Maeve OBoyle- Love ain’t always Pretty

5.Stupid Celebrity Crap pt.2
Paris still thinks everything is all about her
TomKat news, Tom is ruining Katie and her career
Sharon Osbourne needs to just disapear, really, she does, here she gets her bitchslap

6.Music- Bob Gentry- Upside Down

7.Drink of the day with Pooter- the to hell with Sharon Osbourne edition
Filthy Bitch recipe

2 oz Canadian whisky
1 oz root beer
1 oz Sprite® soda

Mix drink ingredients together, shake for 5 seconds, serve over ice in a cocktail glass. Best enjoyed while bubbles are still “fizzing”.

8.Music- Adrina Thorpe-Never Meant

9.End- I have to go wait for the Migraine to slam me, oh boy…

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