RfL Podcast 11-21-05 #85

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Click HERE or on the graphic below to listen to the show or to download the episode to your computer or portable player. It is Rock-Mix Monday today and we have some great tunes. I also have an assignment for my listeners, it is time to take this show to the next level. I want to head into show 100 going strong, and I need your help to do this. All this plus another drink with Pooter, Stupid Celebrity Crap, and we question whether pink shirts on guys are gay or not. Enjoy!

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Show Notes
All Music in the show today is from the Podsafe Music Network

1. Intro-
Keep George Best in your thoughts
It is World Hello Day!
Please help the show by taking the poll in the show notes and sending feedback to help improve the show. I need your critical opinions so I can go into show #100 at a new level.

2.Music- Texture-What You Get

3.Stupid Celebrity Crap pt.1 and Stuff
Robbie has a clean house
Pink shirts for guys? Capri pants?

4.Music- Lovebugs-Lady Moon

5.Stupid Celebrity Crap pt.2
Marlo likes her Donahue at 67
Mr. Gervais contradicts himself, at least he is funny enough to get away with it
Paris must like spankings, we should give her another bitchslap

6.Music- Granian- On My Own

7.Drink of the Day with Pooter
Rusty Nail

2 parts Scotch
1 Part Drambuie
Lemon Twist

Fill a cocktail glass with ice and fill with whiskey and Drambuie, stir and garnish with lemon twist

8.Music- The Muffs-Really Really Happy

Please get the feedback on the show to me
One last favor, help me defeat the puritans at the yahoo podcast directory
See Ya!

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  1. Buenos Dias! I am listening right now… AND

    Guys do look good in pink! Purple too!!! 🙂

    so phooey on you! 🙂

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