RfL Podcast 11-28-05 #90

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Click HERE or on the graphic below to listen to the show or to download the episode to you computer or portable device. It is rock mix monday, so enjoy!

Music featured today from the Podsafe Music Network

Member of Podcasting For the Masses

Show Notes


2.Music- the Silencers-Cult Song

3.Where RfL is going, member of FtM, the music just keeps getting better!

4.Music- Scatered Few-Ransome

Allan from Scatered Few at the Zany Aguires Podcast

5.Phil from Bitjobs for the Masses Podcast and Brent from Closet Geek Podcast were talking about Star Trek, so here is my contribution, the Top 5 Gay Star Trek Quotes

6.Music- Roadtrip-Dog

Citgo is a no go from now on, don’t get held up!

8.Music-Paperboy Jack- Without an Answer

9.Idiots pt.2
Living for the birds style

10. Music-Bubble-Sparkle Star

11.Stupid Celebrity Crap
20 million CSI fans, 260 million to go?
Harry Potter the Hobit?

12.Music-Miles Partridge-Tequila


14.Music- Brother Love- Sick of Chicks

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