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I was doin research this morning for my Stupid Celebrity Crap segment and ran across a story that pissed me off so much that I lost my cool. The story is that Ricky Gervais has topped the podcast charts in both the U.S. and here in Britain.

I knew exactly what they meant and I went to iTunes and there it was at #1. Itunes does not represent the “charts” in podcasting, actually, it has barely even been relevant lately. Even Curry, who meets with the Apple guys when he is in the U.S. says he is perplexed by itunes ratings and their waning interest in the indies.

I can’t stand it when these show business hacks come in and capitalize on our work. “WE” are the podcasters, not them. Gervais is good at what he does, which is “pathetic guy” comedy. I say leave the podcasting to the real podcasters! We built this up as an alternative to the mainstream crap. All that I can think is that they are finally scared and want a piece of the action.

Well, on my show #102, I throw down the gauntlet. I challenge Gervais to a no holds barred fight, loser leaves podcasting forever. I have had enough! I even offer to let him use a stick or a bat to even things up.

Spread the word everyone, we need to take back what is ours!

OK, rant over, I needed to vent. Back to completely rational and nice Eban

OK, I just went to the guardian unlimited site and there is no way to leave comments on the shows. I will get this out, oh yes. I think I need some calming medication.

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  1. A couple things:

    1) Have you listened to the podcast yet? It’s brilliant.

    2) Gervais had been doing radio LONG before The Office. In fact, that’s where he met Stephen Merchant, his writing partner. He did the show five nights a week, starting way back in 1997. He started this podcast to go back to his roots and have some fun. So for you to just write him off as a show business hack stealing your “spotlight” is just uninformed, angry gibberish. Maybe you should look into what you’re envious about before bashing him based on pure speculation.

  2. Hey Matt, piss off.

    You are on my territory now, and I never back down.

    Want my address, I have some anger that needs working off.

    Had he stuck to radio I would have no problem. Where was he when this started? When we were building the foundations? He was writing us off as a fad like everyone else. Now that we are getting some serious numbers behind us he jumps on the bandwagon with his two episodes. Fuck him and fuck you. Podcasting is the alternative to the mainstream crap. Stop being such a pussy.

    How many podcasts are you subscribed to other than Gervais’? Are you a fan or are you a bandwagon hopper because you want to suck on his saggy man-tits?

  3. Matt; It’s not brilliant, it’s nowhere near as brilliant as it could be because Gervais is holding back. He doesn’t “get” podcasting and neither do you.

    Eban: Right on. This all boils down to Jobs not recognising anyone but big companies as Podcasters. The Chris Moyles podcast is tripe too. If I want to listen to him, I’ll do it in the morning – I don’t get anything more by downloading a podcast. I suspect Matt has only ever listened to Gervais’s podcast. When Apple announced iTunes was going to offer podcasts, I suspected something like this would happen. Podcasts like the Gervais one have the added bonus of being pushed in a national newspaper. For the rest of us, it’s hard enough to get any press at all.

    I think the email for the Gervais podcast is show[at]rickygervais[dot]com

  4. Thanks for leaving the “family friendly” reply on my site. I appreciate it.

    “Hey Matt, piss off.”
    Nice to feel welcome.

    “Want my address, I have some anger that needs working off.”
    First you challenge Gervais to a fight and now you threaten me? I respect your opinion, but resorting to violence? Come on.

    “Had he stuck to radio I would have no problem. Where was he when this started? When we were building the foundations? He was writing us off as a fad like everyone else. Now that we are getting some serious numbers behind us he jumps on the bandwagon with his two episodes.”
    He was with Xfm up until the had a big format change. I’m not sure if he was kicked out or chose to leave due to the changes (a quick history on him can be found at http://www.rickygervais.com/aboutRicky.php), but either way it’s nothing to look down on him for. And why do think he was writting you off? That’s what I mean by uninformed speculation. He’s always been involved in radio AND independent broadcasting in some form or another, so it’s unfair for you to say that he ever felt podcasting or independent braidcasting was a lower-quality medium.

    “Fuck him and fuck you. Podcasting is the alternative to the mainstream crap.”
    Gervais’ stuff IS an alternative to the mainstream.

    “Stop being such a pussy.”
    I didn’t know taking a stand for what I believe in was considered being a pussy. And what’s with the hostility? You’re calm as hell during your normal show (props on furthering indie bands by the way), but suddenly there’s an onslaught of anger over Gervais.

    You originally said that it’s bullshit for him to suddenly come into podcasting and hit the top because he’s a celebrity. I’m sure his current popularity outside of the radio/podcast sphere helped tremendously, but who’s to say that he he doesn’t deserve it? Again, he has a background in radio. He has years of experience doing exactly what he does on his podcast. Obviously he knows what he’s doing. You may not agree (“boring as fucking shit”), but I (and lots of other people) think that the podcast is genuinely entertaining. His style might not be for you, but it’s something he’s been crafting for years. People like it.

    “How many podcasts are you subscribed to other than Gervais’? Are you a fan or are you a bandwagon hopper because you want to suck on his saggy man-tits?”
    I’m not subscribed to a TON of them (only so much time in a day), but my three favorites include Gervais’ new podcast (obviously), a comedy podcast called The Sound of Young America, and Keith and the Girl (crazy popular). HBO has also started “podcasts” from some of their shows, like Curb Your Enthusiasm. They’re really only interviews broadcasted through xml/podcast feeds, but I *guess* they kind of qualify.

    I’m a fan of podcasting and public radio, not the mainstream stuff.

    Oh, and the supposed “top spot” in iTunes, I agree we don’t know how that’s measured, but the show was downloaded over 180,000 times last week from the Guardian’s website. That’s a pretty good measurement.

  5. Amanda Owens

    Hell yea Eban. This is your house!

  6. Hey Phil and Amanda! Thanks for chiming in.

    Matt, the stuff that I wrote in the family safe version at your site is the relevant part of my message.

    The comments above are nothing more than a big extension of my “Bitchslap” awards persona and are for chest thumping effect. I am a pretty non-violent person, except when I am competing in powerlifting events, and then the only thing in trouble is the weights. So no, I am not challenging you.

    The anger for Gervais that you see is me at my breaking point over the continued inabilty of the mainstream to “Get It”. If Ricky was an alternative to mainstream, he and his band of merry men could have started his podcast from his house, paid for his own hosting and bandwidth, and recording equipment.

    That is how I and Phil from the post above do it and how Amanda also from above is about to start doing it. It takes us a lot of time and money to get our shows sounding and feeling right. Gervais however gets a sponsorship from a national news source plus other decidedly “Non-indie or alternative to mainstream” perks. Yes, I know he is not getting paid, that is not my point.

    I have long held that podcasting is the equal to pirate radio without the messy legal entanglements. It is fresh, raw, and a true alternative. This is something that even Curry agrees with. Mainstream can’t take it. This is a movement, a rebellion, and Gervais did his part to set himself away from that movement.

    My above comments still stand. Fuck Him!

  7. So what exactly are you angry about? At first, it was a famous person coming in a skyrocketing to the top. Next, it’s because he doesn’t have to do the show from his house. Now it’s because it isn’t subversive pirate radio type stuff?

    The truth is, I love the pirate radio aspect of it all. It allows anybody to say whatever they want, free of censorship and limitations. But to say that podcasting should be limited to just that completely nullifies the basis it was started on. Limit the limitless medium? Podcasting CAN be an edgy, subversive, get-under-your-skin type of deal, but it’s not only that.

    For example, one of my other favorite podcasts is one done by a couple from Hawaii. They’re huge fans of the show Lost. Their show, The Transmission (http://www.hawaiiup.com/lost/), is simply a show dedicated to talking about the show. There’s nothing subversive about it, but it’s awesome (if you’re into the show, of course). They’re doing a podcast about what they love. Whose to say that what they do isn’t considered real podcasting, just because it’s not pushing the borders?

    The truth is, there’s TONS of podcasts that could be radio shows. There’s radio shows more subversive than podcasts. It all boils down to the medium. Podcasting is a broadcast medium. It has less restrictions than conventional radio, which allows great stuff like your “pirate radio.” But to say if you aren’t pushing the limitations you don’t deserve anything? Are you serious?

    Again, I completely understand the pirate radio aspect. I love it. What you are categorizing as “the equal to pirate radio” that mainstream can’t take is exactly that. However, not all podcasting is. There are tons of non-mainstream, normal people doing podcasts.

    Can we at least agree on that much?

  8. Good day! I am not sure who Gervais or Curry or the others are. I seriously don’t keep track of celebrities or names or things like that.

    I just wanted to say I listen to Eban’s show for entertainment and good music and I don’t notice who is number 1 on the charts. Well, I guess I would notice if RFL went to number 1 since I know Eban! 🙂

    Anywho, its great to read everyone’s views and opinions! I am off to listen to the show…
    Have a wonderful day!

  9. I knew this type of response would happen when podcasting hit mainstream. The thing is that the Ricky Gervais podcast is actually pretty good. Much better than every amateur podcast I’ve listened to.

    You should be thankful that people like Gervais are stepping into podcasting. Without it you’d have consumers loading up their iTunes, subscribing to a few amateur feeds, being horrified at the quality of it and never touching podcasts ever again. The majority of people who listen to amateur podcasts are podcasters themselves, not your everyday consumer. I can not name one amateur podcast that I find even remotely interesting. Even the big ones like Dawn and Drew are terrible when compared to a well put together radio show.

    When it all boils down to it, I suspect Podcasting will simply become a better way for radio stations to deliver their content so people can hear it whenever they want, rather than a new alternative medium for Joe Bloggs to play radio dj.

  10. Well Dave, it must be nice and comfy in your little world. Being a hack and injesting all the big media that you can. It is people like you that drive the rush to the middle, the race to mediocrity. People like you drive those that will not be force-fed our culture.

    I pity you.

    BTW, don’t even attempt to know the background of all podcasters. Some do suck, some are great.

    I bet you just can’t wait for the next wave of Hollywood remakes of old television, the next wave of top 40 trash, and for Abercrombie and Fitch to tell you what to wear.

  11. I haven’t heard any that I would describe as ‘great’. I love how when something is commercial, it is immediatly classed as ‘mediocre’. The Gervais podcast is not mediocre at all. It’s well produced, edited nicely so it sounds tight, and is presented by 3 talented people. So what if it’s commercial? Your audience doesn’t give a shit, they just want to hear something good.

    Incidently, I work in radio. I get paid a fair bit of money to do this sort of thing. I’m not saying that commercial radio is completely brilliant… it’s far from that, but Podcasting won’t succeed in moving across to the mainstream without people like Gervais.

  12. The magic words, “Incidently, I work in radio”. You are part of the problem, not the solution. Your medium has been broken for a long time now, we podcasters have had enough. Get used to it.

    As for no podcasts being great, what are you comparing it too? Get over to the Podcast Pickle and be educated! Your problem is the sound of the nails being driven into the coffin of your beloved medium are getting too loud for you to take.

    Come over from the dark side, enlightenment is a couple of clicks away. Quit being one of the sheep.

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