RfL Podcast 12-05-05 #94

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Click HERE or on the graphic below for the show. I am sorry about being late today and for the poor sound quality. I tried new software today and it was a total nightmare! Not to get into much detail, let me just say that tomorrow I go back to the way I normally do things. Since it is so late, I am going barebones on the shownotes. Everything will be back to normal for Indie and Alternative Tuesday, I promise.

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All music today is from the Podsafe Music Network

Show Notes-
Podsafe for Peace- If Everyday Were Christmas Purchase info soon on this track
Miles Partridge-No Surrender
Mr. Nasty- Rock and Roll Man
Granian- On My Own
A Step Behind- Jailbait Judgement
Rising Conviction-House of the Rising Sun

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