RfL Podcast 12-12-05 #99

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Click HERE or on the graphic below to listen or to download the show. It is Rock-Mix Monday here at the podquarters and we are one day away from show 100! We say goodbye to comedic legend Richard Pryor, we find the dumbest mayor in the world, we learn that superman has a huge cock and what Enrique does for fun, Gary Glitter tries to pull a Jackson and Jackson may be about to lose it all, Pooter slams Glitter, two bitchslaps and great music. This show has it all! Enjoy!

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Coming soon! The Podcast take on Charles Dickens’ Classic A Christmas Carol

All music today is from the Podsafe Music Network

Show Notes

1. Douglas Fir- Superfly

2.From Satellite-A Hundred Days

3.Gene Loves Jezebel-Drive

4.From Epitaph, The Joykiller- Record Collection

5.Mr. Nasty-Joyride

6.Miles Partridge-Bittersweet Funeral

7.From Epitaph, The Distillers-LA Girl

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Contrary to popular opinion, Eban is not teh person that put teh hit out on Kermit teh Frog, and is in fact happy he survived teh attempt. Miss Piggy? That is a whole different story. . . Email ME email:ebancrawford@gmail.com Subscribe to the RfL feed

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