RfL Podcast 1-06-06 #118

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Click HERE or on the graphic below to listen to the show or to download the episode. It is the first Hard Rock and Metal Friday of the year and we have a party in store today! In addition to the tunes I bitchslap the assmonkey Pat Robertson for being such an asshole, We talk about little Jess Simpson, the spoiled brat that is Paris Hilton, and Kate Moss getting over the U.K. real quick.

Music Today is from Steve Turner, The Golden Gods, The Erotics, Lady White Noise, Mr. Nasty, Sound Breaking Ground (sorry for the name mistake), Rising Conviction, and Smeer! Enjoy!

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show notes

Steve Turner-Surfing with the Tsunamian

The Golden Gods-Rock-n-Roll Salvation pt II

The Erotics-Drink, Fuck, and Fight

Lady White Noise-Deadbolt

Mr. Nasty-Murder in My Eyes

Sound Breaking Ground-Follow

Rising Conviction-Skin

Smeer-What Else Can I Do

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