RfL Podcast 1-10-06 #120

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Click http://clickcaster.com/resource/get/rfl-podcast-1-10-06-120.mp3 or on the graphic below to listen to the show or to downlaod the episode. Indie and Alternative Tuesday kicks into gear today at the podquarters. Also-Rod Stewart turns 61–The Armenian Culture Minister whips out the gun–Joel teaches us how to make a living with no work–and Tom Cruise may be losing his grip on Katie, much like his sanity.

Music today is from50 foot Wave, Vanton, The Days in Between, The Spindles, Escape Goats, Aerosol Halo, Stoat, and The Muffs. Enjoy!

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Some music today is from the Podsafe Music Network

show notes

50 Foot Wave-Vena Cava

Vanton-Look at Me

The Days in Between-Waking of the Day

From Creepy Sleepy Music-The Spindles-He Fell

Escape Goats-Canada Day

Creepy Sleepy Music-Aerosol Halo-Wasted on You


The Muffs-A Little Luxury

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  1. Hey Eban. Thanks for playing our track on your podcast! You can check out more of our stuff at http://www.escapegoats.ca

    Escape Goats

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