RfL Podcast 1-12-06 #122

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Click HERE or on the graphic below to listen to the show or to download the episode. It is Rock-mix Thursday and our first ever Two-fer day, that is right, we are playing two songs by each artist today. Even more, we are doing 5 days in a row of Two-fers!

In addition to the music we find out that Mothers do not always know best, even when their kids appear dead–A Dutch company proves that stupidity is still in abundance and taste is going out the door and recieves a bitchslap on behalf of Germans everywhere–In stupid celebrity crap we find out that Nick and Jessica had a contract to keep Nick in the public eye, which Jess broke, so he sues her. Marriage may truly be dead–Pooter even shows up, and then gets tanked!

Music today is fromThe Substitutes, Chance, Bubble, Miles Partridge, and The Supersuckers. Enjoy!

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show notes

The Substitutes-
Hardcore California and Taken a Lifetime

Say What You Will and Forgive+Forget

Deadender and Sparklestar

Miles Partridge-
No Surrender and Better than You

The Supersuckers-
Sleepy Vampire and Pretty Fucked Up

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