RfL Podcast 1-18-06 WCH #126

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Click HERE or on the graphic below to listen to the show or to download the episode. It is the Wednesday Coffee House and we have some great chilled tunes for your enjoyment today.

We talk about Shatner and his stones, Danish artist Max Jenson pisses my off by pissing, amd I fiizy up my stomach. Enjoy!

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show notes

Stefanie Seskin-
No Such Thing and Chill Now

Butterfly Catchers-
Morning and Wake up Again

Jim Fidler-
Welcome to Cairo Street and New Song of the Gypsy

Combing my Soul for More and 10p Mix

Lorena Mire-
Everything-I belong and Movies in my Head

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Contrary to popular opinion, Eban is not teh person that put teh hit out on Kermit teh Frog, and is in fact happy he survived teh attempt. Miss Piggy? That is a whole different story. . . Email ME email:ebancrawford@gmail.com Subscribe to the RfL feed

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  1. […] Am listening to Eban’s show from today. It’s Coffee House Wednesday, the day he plays smooth, mindful music. I’ve got to admit Wednesday is one of my favorite days of the week because of the Coffee House style of music he plays. It does remind me of hanging around in Starbuck’s drinking coffee with Eban and Angel so many, many times in Texas. It also reminds me of the lovely times I had at coffee houses in California with Eban. I remember the many life-changing conversations we would all have. We would talk about our dreams, our career goals, our fitness goals, our bi-lingual goals, we would reminisce about times in Colorado, we would gossip about what was happening in our families lives (yes, that includes all of you….from the matriarchs down to the newest born) and anything else that were on our minds at the time. So, I guess I just want to thank you Eban for playing such ambient music on Wednesdays, the music is very inspiring….just the thing to listen to on hump day. […]

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