Damn builders

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I had about half of todays show taped when things all went bad today. My downstairs neighbor is having double glazed windows installed today and the workmen are working on the window directly under the podquarters studio today. I can’t get the show done with all the noise. I am so pissed off right now, but there is nothing that I can do.

At least I do not have it as bad as another neighbor who works nights and is trying to sleep right now. He is actually more pissed than I am, if that is possible.

Am I wrong to think that a bit of warning, or at least consultation on the work schedule would be too much to ask? Totally inconsiderate!

Sorry about today’s show. Please check out RfL and Friends Radio for some great podcasting today, and everyday for that matter, 24/7. We have just added Voodoo Quota to the family over there.

I am grinding my teeth in the meantime.

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