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Stress, it is a mean thing, just tears you down. And due to this I just do not have a show in me today as I would rather miss a day than put out something substandard. Things happening in life and behind the scenes with the show are getting to be a bit much at the moment and I feel the need to re-think things, recharge a bit.

I still love doing the shows. This is not a statement of an end to RfL, not by a long shot. Just know that it takes a lot to put these shows out and sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming. Then people get a bit mean and spitefull, and that adds to the stress.

I am dedicated to making RfL the best that it can be, and to keep spreading the word on these great bands.

I am putting the live show off for a week as well. I just don’t have it in me to get it out right now. Sorry for the break in the schedule. I will be back Monday, hopefully refreshed and in better spirits to start a new push, a new round if you will.

Thank you to all that have been supportive through the last 142 episodes. To those that seek to destroy and tear RfL down, and I don’t mean Brock and those others that nail me in a good natured way all the time, I mean those that are just nasty, please just go find another show. RfL is about good vibes, good friends, and good music. Please do not try to make it into anything else. We are not trying to build a better moustrap, or solve the problems of the world, we are just trying to have some fun and spread this great indepndent music to the world.

Have a great weekend everyone!


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  1. king bonk

    hey eban – you deserve some down time – get some rest, thanks for the great show. see you on the rebound.

  2. ya man take it easy… you do a show about every single day, that has to be tough.

  3. Everyone needs a break. Don’t let things get too overwhelming.

    We stopped by to let you know we have a new track up on the Podsafe music network.

    Have a good weekend brother.


  4. Hallo Eban,
    wie gehts?

    Take your time out and recharge. Your show is great.
    We love ya !!
    Hear you soon.

    Cheers mate

    Sascha from Givehead

  5. There is so much love and good vibes here at Reaching For Lucidity! Don’t let the fried rotten potatoes runin the whole bag of tasty chips. Take the rotten ones and sell them on ebay!
    Its so early Eban, sorry. 🙂

    I listen every day.
    I love the show.
    I love you.
    Take care, try not to take things personally.

  6. Look at the love! Eban – don’t let the shitheads get you down. The show is about fun, for us and you!!! Take a break, have some tequila, crank DC’s new tune, and come back rocking.

    To paraphrase, F*ck if they can’t take a podcast!

  7. Hey Eban.
    Sorry to hear you’re feeling bad mate- enjoy your break and I hope you feel much better and refreshed very soon. 🙂

  8. P.S. Ignore trash comments- they’re jealous and not everyone appreciates what they should.x

  9. Hola Eban,

    Take as much time as you need. Everyone needs a break from time to time. You have been working overtime on your show so please, please enjoy some time away from it all.

    I love your show and I love you! Take good care of yourself…

  10. Hello Eban,
    Enjoy your time off…when you get back you will be so refreshed…we all need some time to our self….Helps keep the energy flowing…don’t worry about the bad stuff or mean things people say…I agree with Izzie people are jealous…so keep the head up and just keep up with the good work…
    Love You!!

  11. Rest up & Rock on!

  12. Hi there, I must say that you have done a wonderful job on your site and I thoroughly enjoyed my stay here, I thank you for sharing it with me…

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