RfL 2-17-06 HRMF #145

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Click on the podcast graphic below to listen to the show or to download the episode. I will be a bit cocky today and say that out of 145 episodes, this is the strongest music show that I have done, ever! The music today kicks. To top this off, we have two debuts from our Royal Court, songs from Givehead and Darque Carnival.

In addition to the music we find that sticking kids in clothes dryers is not a good idea in the Freaky Things segment. In Idiots pt. 1 we have another person going to the cops about pot and getting busted by the Polezei, and bitchslapped by us! In Idiots pt. 2 we see that bribery can work, as long as the kids keep quiet.

Enjoy the show!

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show notes

The Erotics-Drink, Fight, and Fuck


Where She Wept-Sand and Mercury

The Deadline-He Stopped Loving Her Today

HeadRusH UK-Consumed

Rising Conviction-Middle of the End

Royal Court Debut! Givehead-Fallen Angels

In Silence-Scapegoat

Royal Court Debut! Darque Canival-Decieved

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3 Responses

  1. Your right Eban! This show is totally rockin! I am listening again right now.

    I just can’t get enough! Every band on today’s show is so good I can’t stand it!

    Rock on!

  2. I am sure you noticed, but you are going from 3rd to 4th, then back again at vital podcast! Its like watching tennis! 🙂

    I am going to vote now.

  3. Great show as always brother.

    Sorry we have been slacking on keeping up with the shows. Summers coming so we are playing allot!

    Much love,


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