RfL 2-23-06 RMT #149

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Click on the podcast graphic below to listen to the show or to download the episode. We have a driving rock mix for the thursday show this week, guaranteed to get your blood pumping.

In the Freaky things segment we hear of an aggressive bunny and in the Stupid celebrity Crap segment we go over lots of stuff. A Judge saves us from the Stapp, Kid Rock porno, at least for a bit. Brian Dunkelman is still being delusional. Ozzy tells you to fuck off in your car. And last but not least, more on the demise of the Bond legacy.

Enjoy the show!

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show notes

New Royal Court Member Induction!
Artificial Intelegence in Texas-January

American Heartbreak-Rotten Apple

Soulseeker-Stompin Ground


Berman-Fall off the Earth

Crash Menagerie-Bad Town

American Anthem-Help!


Lee Nysted-Once and Forever

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