RfL 2-24-06 HRMF #150

It is here,


Episode 150!!!!!!!!!

Click on the podcast graphic below to listen to the show or to download the episode. We have hit show 150! As it is, 150 falls on Hard Rock and Metal Friday! That means fun, intensity, and probably neck pain! I even test the limits of the music industry, but we won’t tell them that, OK!

In Freaky Things we find the Robin Hood of piss, operating out of Wisconsin. I get pissed in the moment in history segment due to the lack of things to talk about, so I decide to break the law a bit. Don’t worry, I put my listeners into a hypnotic trance first to cover my ass. And, for show 150, Kelvin Roth comes through big time and sends us the ultimate bitchslap! All kinds of fun!

Enjoy the show!

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show notes

Coheed and Cambria from Equal Vision Records- A Devil in Jersey City

Royal Court Debut! Golden Gods-Even I Don’t Know

In Silence-Hypocrit

Headrush-UK-Just Bring it On

Kaj-Focus Factor


Nightwish-Dark Chest Of Wonders

Coded-Live On

Rising Conviction-Skepticit

Darque Carnival-Down Driven

From Cyclone Records-Occams Razor-Exhiled

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