RfL 2-28-06 IAT #152

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Click on the podcast graphic below to listen to the show or to download the episode. A lot is happening today on the India and Alternative Tuesday show, so click the graphic now! We hear from Miles Partridge, the King of the Royal Court, as well as Colie Brice, the head of Aeria records. The Misprintz are offering $2.00 off of the door charge for their March 8th show in Los Angeles, and more.

In the Freaky Things segment we get into microwaved imitation penises and a Bosnian criminal mastermind that has not reached puberty yet. We have yet another criminal mastermind that recieves the coveted bitchslap award for the day in the Idiots segment. And in the Sex segment we have a new game from Germany that seems fun and a pissed husband shares his wife with the world, on Ebay. All that and I get pissed at Senator Jaiz bigtime.

Enjoy the show!

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Some music today is from the Podsafe Music Network

show notes

The MisprintZ-Songs That Girls Like

Miles Partridge-Tequila

From Aeria Records we have

Colie Brice-Have You Ever Been Alone

From K Records-The Crabs-Brainwashed

Herman the Great-Cartwheels on Concrete

From K Records
Tender Trap-Chemical
The Rondelles-Safety in Numbers

Miss Sad UK-Nightfriend

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