Thanks Everyone!

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Wow, I was just checking out the responses to the Friday post and looking through the email from this weekend. Thanks everyone for all the support and encouragement, It means a lot. Hell, even Brock was nice to me for once, lol.

Taking some time away from the show has cleared my head a bit. I needed a break. I have been getting some really nasty feedback from some people recently, but that was not what drove me nuts. A couple of people that I trusted and respected, and will remain un-named, really let me down big-time. That is what nailed me so bad. Needless to say, I have extracted these people from my life and they no longer exist in my world.

Mental housecleaning, so to speak.

I have a few more things to do today before I get back to putting out the show. I am streamlining my production process to ease the load and to help speed up the process. I will start up again tommorrow and look forward to bringing RfL back to the web.

Thanks again everyone!


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